Corporate Writing: 

I have written content for corporate brochures, newsletters and websites for several large companies, including Engen and Tomorrow Today Global. Costs are charged on a per-project basis but one can estimate between R3 to R5 + VAT (25c to 40c in US$) per word. Meetings are charged at R500 + VAT (40US$) per hour. Travel costs to be covered by the client.

25c to 40c in US$ per word | R3 to R5 + VAT per word

40US$ per hour | R500 + VAT per hour

Textbook Writing: 

I am an accomplished textbook writer, having written textbooks ranging in content from the art and science of education to Grade 12 chemistry. Textbooks are written on a royalty basis. Alternatively, rates can be negotiated.

Ghost Writing: 

I have ghostwritten several books including de:humanise and When Your Blessings Don’t Count – A Guide to Recognising and Overcoming Postnatal Distress. The ghostwriting process involves interviews with the client and sometimes the client provides source material, such as letters, notes, articles or blogs that are applicable to the project. (This is most helpful, and does reduce the production time quite significantly.) Generally the interviewing process – either face to face or over Skype or whatsapp) takes up a huge portion of the preparation time, so it is a good idea to have a clear plan for what you as the author want to achieve. Interviewing time can take from 25 hours upwards. If I need to travel, the cost will need to be covered by the client.

I will invoice you in advance for the first 10 hours of work, and from then on for every 15 hours of work. This way, you will always know where you are in terms of your budget and project deadline. I do not continue work without payment.

My rate is R500 + VAT (40US$) per hour, but I can also work on per-project basis of R1.20 + VAT (10c US) a word for writing plus the hourly rate for the interview time. The transcription from audio to text can take up to three hours per hour of recorded interview time.

For a 200-page book, one is generally looking at between 100 and 140 hours, depending on the book’s complexity and if any additional research is required.

Query Assistance: 

I offer assistance with writing and polishing your query cover letter, critiquing and polishing of the synopsis, and can give advice on submissions.

55US$ per book | R700 per book

Writing Book Sales Blurb: 

A blurb is not a synopsis (a summary of your work) but rather a sales too to make your book stand out from other books in your genre. Specifically, it is designed as a call to action. I can write your blurb based on your book synopsis (I don’t need to read the whole book).

65US$ per blurb | R800 per blurb

Social Media Marketing and Campaigns: 

I’m fully qualified for social media marketing and campaigns, through Red & Yellow; with a 93% course average. Pricing provided on request depending on the campaign, blog or social media post. Samples can be seen in my portfolio.