Under the Surface

  • Under the surface By Paula Marais
  • Under the Surface by Paula Marais
  • Under the Surface by Paula Marais

When you come up for air, who knows what you’ll discover?

In Charleston, South Carolina, a widow sets out on a global quest to discover the truth behind her husband’s past. Tracing clues to an event that occurred many years before, she’s learning that her husband’s success was built on deceit … and murder.

On another continent, Dr Jay Gifford is on holiday in Thailand mourning the loss of his brother. He doesn’t really want to be there, but he’ll make the best of things, as he always does.

Then, without any warning at all, one of the most catastrophic natural disasters the world has ever witnessed brings the widow and Jay’s two worlds crashing together.

Who is this determined young woman and will she ever find the mysterious man who can unlock her husband’s secrets?

Will Jay find his missing loved ones and his real self?

And in the face of human tragedy, is there still a chance for future happiness?


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