The Punishment

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5379 The Punishment front:Layout 1France, 1942 – In a time when friends become enemies and secrets are traded like currency, the forbidden love between a German officer and a young Frenchwoman can only lead to disaster.

Against all odds and despite the obvious danger, Cédonie Boineau and Kurt Auer get caught up in a romance they find impossible to resist. But as the illicit relationship builds, Cédonie’s ardent admirer and vindictive rival lurk in the shadows and watch. Thibault Bosc nurses his unrequited love for Cédonie along with his growing hate for the Boche invaders, while Odette de Bary gathers gossip that will change the town forever. And when the war is finally over and truths come to light, Cédonie is left at the mercy of the town to face her punishment. A beautiful tale of the complex loyalties of the human heart and the surprising forms love can take in war.