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Zagreb food guide

As the weekend approaches and you’re looking forward to some armchair travelling, you’ll find the link to my latest post in Travioor.com here. This is for all those foodies out there who love to test what’s local and delicious. Enjoy and let me know if you’ve tried any of these?...

Zagreb, Croatia’s capital

We loved our stay last year in Croatia. Here’s my latest travel article on the first part of the trip, most photos by David van Wijk: https://www.travioor.com/articles/what-to-do-in-zagreb-48-hours-in-croatia-s-capital. Great tips for a 48-hour stay!

Becoming less of a Twitter twit

Last week was one of my sharpest learning curves from a work perspective for a very long time. I have written and edited for years, but social media (apart from the obligatory and easily mastered Facebook post) has always been a bit of a terrifying zone for me. But my...

Quote of the week

I love this quote from Amanda Lindhout (and Sara Corbett’s) book A House in the Sky: A Memoir. I’ve always found travel addictive, and this sentence totally sums up why. Have a wonderful weekend.  

Food in translation – Croatia

Last night we spent the evening looking around Diocletian’s Palace in Split, Croatia, a hubbub of tourists, gelato shops, history and locals getting on with their lives. We were both very thirsty, having walked for several kilometres during the day in the Plitvice National Park (which deserves its own post),...

Examination is a heavy word

Words that go BANG!

My morning has not turned out as I would have liked. For one thing, my oldest is sick and has to write his first exams ever with pain killers and a hot water bottle. I felt awful dropping him off at school, even though I’d done everything possible to make...

Travel journal

10 tips to start your travel journal

I’ve just come back from Johannesburg, where my father had an enormous party for his 70th. Loud enough for the neighbours to call security – now that’s something to be proud of at his age! Coming back to Cape Town, where it is overcast, cold and dark when I am...