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When your blessings don’t count

ISBN-9781920479046 (softcover), Kindle 9781920479312, ebook 9781920479503

Postnatal distress is becoming more prevalent and it is estimated that one in three women may suffer from it. It knows no boundaries and affects women of all ages, religions, ethnic, social and economic backgrounds. Paula Marais worked with psychologist Linda Lewis who not only specialises in PND but has herself suffered from it, to write a book that tells it like it is. Because although devastating and debilitating, PND can be overcome. This book empowers readers with pertinent information and wise counsel drawn from extensive research to leave them with a powerful message: recovery is possible.


De:humanise is a revolutionary new management book that takes an in-depth look at what really matters to our organisations and where people fit into that picture. The question of how we manage people in order to achieve top results is at the forefront of management development. Some say the answer is to bring out the best in people. De:humanise is a satirical book takes you on a journey of discovering how to wring out the best in your people instead. De:humanise will help you rediscover the DNA of your organisation and how a covert mission of de:humanisation will help you get your management mojo back. The book has been inspired by Aiden’s work over the last 10 years where he has personally heard, captured and analysed over 10,000 stories from people in organisations relating to culture, values, leadership, change management, performance management and work-life balance. A common theme from all these stories is that of how people find their work and their work environment one of profound dehumanisation.